Are Workplace Assessments Dead?

In an accelerating world of predictive AI, is an investment in facilitated team building and leadership development tools like DiSC still considered valuable? Can we still gather information about ourselves and others and leverage it to deepen our relationships and improve outcomes or has the die already been cast? Personality assessments have been criticized as lacking […]

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Return On Relationship

Investment is up in 2023 for corporate leadership development. That’s because today’s leaders are not just managers of tasks. They are required to be advocates for their team, strong communicators and emotionally intelligent to develop and retain staff. This shift towards human-centered leadership isn’t a surprise, and seems a fitting response to 3 years of […]

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6 Simple Tips to Improve Your Virtual Team Meeting

In the past, about 20% of the team building requests we received were from companies with high performing remote teams. Fast forward to spring of 2020 and almost 100% of our clients (and businesses around the U.S.) have been required to operate as a remote team, but without any planning or training on how to […]

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“Success Doesn’t Happen In A Vacuum” and Other Casey Kasem Throwbacks

I love MUSIC. Every Sunday growing up I would tune into the “American Top 40 Countdown” hosted by Casey Kasem.  I spent hours huddled around my clock radio waiting to hear the hits and singing along with every single song, tape recorder at the ready to nab my favorites (don’t tell the FCC). I can […]

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We’re Not Our Job Title

We are more than our job title. We are comedians, dirt bike racers, gardeners, parents, chess champions, Olympians, “crazy cat ladies”, roller skaters, jazz musicians, vegan chefs, and Smurf figurine collectors. We know that work requires us to stay “heads down” and project-focused a lot of the time – we have deadlines to make and […]

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