Team Building

A Spark4 Denver Team Building event is a group experience that requires thoughtful consideration, team collaboration, and action focused on a unique strategic initiative. With that also comes a healthy dose of fun and competition. 

When teams are truly engaged, these collaborative experiences translate to higher levels of trust, communication, and appreciation among colleagues. This sets the foundation for a successful, energized workplace with increased levels of personal satisfaction and belonging.

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We help you to define your own meaning of team building and create activities and options that are on point with that, ranging from creative indoor exercises to immersive outdoor adventures.

Here’s a Top 10 list of the most frequently requested programs:

  • Geo Game Trek – a sophisticated scavenger hunt utilizing navigation tools, maps, and unique clues
  • Radio Active – using secret 2-way channels, teams navigate a labyrinth of information testing your group’s ability to listen to others and express themselves effectively while focusing on competing priorities
  • The Talented Team – using high energy, problem-solving initiatives, this facilitated session is designed to enhance trust, communication, and leadership within the group 
  • Lift Off – a custom themed design-and-build challenge integrating collaborative engineering, public speaking, brand awareness, and exhibition components  
  • Stash & Cache – a strategic “capture the flag” project that relies on collective rhythm, communication and the beginner’s mind
  • Gameshow Gamut –  a humorous spin on the traditional icebreaker activity using trivia questions, musical performances, comedy shorts, company facts and catchphrases in this get-to-know-you competition
  • Team Quest – teams earn points as they complete brawn vs brain puzzles and challenges staged around your meeting location 
  • Eco Connect Challenge – a series of games and team projects rooted in the sustainability mindset
  • Camp Colorado – teams collaborate to play through initiatives that are a shout-out to the good ‘ole days of summer camp
  • Trek EDU– a combination of wellness and education, teams follow along a pre-set route and arrive at checkpoints where Spark4, leaders and participants exchange ideas around company culture, training objectives, best practices, personal history, creative stories, and other connective conversations

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