Founder’s Story | Cat Alletto

After I finished college, I wasn’t clear on my career direction but I had clarity on one guiding principle. I knew that no matter what career I chose it needed to be something that lined up with my beliefs and would allow me to be the same person at work as I am in my personal life. Take that with a grain of salt. There are definitely boundaries associated with how we show up in different situations but, on a core level, I knew that I would be most fulfilled and productive at work being my authentic self. 

I’ve stayed true to that belief on my career path and now it’s been translated into the product that Spark4 offers to the world. We facilitate group experiences and corporate team building activities that inspire individuals to connect authentically, learn, grow, and have fun together in a dynamic, shared environment.

In a Spark4 team building initiative, leadership development program, or custom event, folks share a unique  experience, attempt something new, accomplish a joint mission, debunk the fear of vulnerability, and have gut-busting laughter together.

The bonds forged through these shared experiences create a new level of mutual appreciation and trust. Back at the office, people are more inclined to show up as their whole self – not just the fraction of self that matches with their job title. When they team up with other inspired and authentically living individuals, the result is a higher level of collaboration and innovation, more creative risk taking, enhanced communication, and greater alignment that influences the culture of the entire organization.

“Play with a Purpose”, “Connection in Action”, “Meetings in Motion” – it’s what we offer our groups and, lucky for me, it’s also my career. 


Cat Alletto