“Success Doesn’t Happen In A Vacuum” and Other Casey Kasem Throwbacks

I love MUSIC. Every Sunday growing up I would tune into the “American Top 40 Countdown” hosted by Casey Kasem.  I spent hours huddled around my clock radio waiting to hear the hits and singing along with every single song, tape recorder at the ready to nab my favorites (don’t tell the FCC). I can still hear his voice as he closed the show, “keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars”.
Little did I know that several decades later I’d be referencing not one, but two Casey Kasem quotes, both of which are applicable to Spark4 and the corporate teams we serve.


Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You’re only as good as the people you work with and the people you work for.  ~ Casey Kasem 

As the leader of a corporate team and culture building company I’m acutely aware of the importance of walking the talk we offer our clients. Through facilitated adventures, fun, and purposeful play we get corporate teams to step out of their normal comfort zones to build trust and appreciation for each other and become aware of how their individual actions and behaviors affect team dynamics and outcomes. I want to make sure that we’re following in our own footsteps by fostering a culture of creative risk taking, fun, play, support, consciousness, and appreciation.

During a recent post-event debrief I received feedback from teammates that indicated that, indeed, we ARE walking the talk. We were told things like: “You trust our judgment to bring new ideas and make good decisions”, “I get real-time positive reinforcement and constructive feedback”, “I had fun and felt part of the team”, “I can’t wait to do this again!” and “Thank you for trusting me”.

MUSIC to my ears.

Spark4 wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of the team near and far. My wish for the amazing people who contribute to the success? For each of us to continue to show up, be ourselves and do our best.  And, as Casey Kasem would say, “keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars”.

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