The Power & Reach of Video & Live Productions 

What gets me out of bed in the morning? The desire to make meaningful, personal connections with others. My career has been about fulfilling this desire through live and in-person events in the corporate world and now it’s expanded to serve even more people in various industries through virtual events and video production. 

The past few months have accelerated everyone’s need for a digital transformation. Big companies, small businesses, event planners, specialty brands, grocery stores, teachers, grandma & grandpa – no one is excluded from this shift.

In response to this need and our belief that true progress starts when you have authentic relationships with your peers, clients, and community, we have expanded our business model. Spark4 is integrating commercial-grade video production services and live stream capabilities with our passion for team building and events.

We’re psyched to introduce digiZuk. DigiZuk helps clients realize their goals through live and virtual events and video productions that connect people and inspire action.

We are educating and supporting our clients – new and old – on the power of video, helping them to discover the creativity, potential, and reach that’s available when integrating video and live productions into their businesses, events, marketing strategies, and more. This digital transformation is not a bandaid to get us through a pandemic. This was the inevitable shift that just jumped to the #1 spot on everybody’s priority list. 

Our team has earned your trust over the past two decades and now, through digiZuk and Spark4, you can lean on us to help you navigate the new normal.

Check out this video that features one of our premier services, “Advance Live Streaming”. This service is particularly applicable to the events and meetings folks I am networked with here on LinkedIn. 

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