Virtual Event Options

A Spark4 Denver virtual meeting or remote team building activity is an interactive group experience that’s filmed live and broadcast online. We connect you with your digital audience through advanced live streaming, virtual meetings, digital sales kickoffs, online fundraisers, 3D interactive videos, and virtual team building events!

In today’s current environment, companies need real-time online connection to their employees, clients, and attendees more than ever. Spark4, with the help of our multimedia company digiZuk, home-based in Denver, Colorado, creates online corporate experiences that expand your reach and inspire interaction.

While we know that virtual will never replace in-person connections (nor would we want it to!) we know that the digital transformation is upon us.

Our virtual corporate event options and applications range from meetings and events to employee onboarding, sales training, leadership and team development, and more!

Here are some of the ways we help clients bring meaningful content to life in the digital world:

  • Hybrid Meetings and Conferences – When some of your customers and employees can’t attend your event, you bring the event to them! We film all the live-action on-site and broadcast it to your global online audience. From keynote speakers, quarterly/annual strategic planning, sales kick-offs, messages from the leadership team, entertainment performances, and more! Using the hybrid meeting format means you’ll be hosting your most well “attended” event yet!
  • Employee Training Videos – reach your remote teams through in-depth technical training, new hire onboarding, and professional development courses shot and produced on video. This important content becomes part of your knowledge library for future employee engagement.
  • 3D Interactive Tours – Host your next site visit online! You can personally “walk” your clients and customers around the location and click on interactive hot spots to see strategic pop-up content (videos, photos, menus, floor plans, personal testimonials). View a 3D sample here.
  • Virtual Team Building  – interactive, live stream events that are curated by an energetic on camera facilitator and backed by a savvy technical crew. Participants and teams get the chance to play, collaborate, and compete in things like 70s-style hosted gameshow, interactive cooking competitions, and 3D scavenger hunts. Everything is technically managed on our end and transmitted as one signal into any online video conferencing service you use!
  • Remote Learning Workshops – commercially produced classes and workshop videos that can be marketed as a live, “tune in now” event or archived to be watched on-demand.

Our clients host hybrid meetings and events in Colorado and expand their reach globally through online video productions.

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